The Parug-Parug Necklace Gold
The Parug-Parug Necklace Gold
The Parug-Parug Necklace gold

The Parug-Parug Tamburin Necklace

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#KnowYourTambourine: Also called balbas-bakiro, sugod-sugod, gac fruit or spiny bitter gourd, the parug-parug is an indigenous fruit in the Philippines and in other parts of Southeast Asia. Though little is known about this endemic plant locally, the parug-parug is highly treasured in other countries for its high nutritional value, even referred to as a 'fruit from heaven.' In the Philippines, its seeds are pulverized and used to treat cough, and its oil to rejuvenate the skin for a youthful appearance.

The Parug-Parug Pendant Necklace comes with an adjustable 16-18" chain for you to be able to change lengths depending on your mood and outfit. Wear it on its own or layer it on with your other precious keepsakes. It is wearable art for your neck that you'll want to wear time and time again.


  • Chain Length: Adjustable from 16" to 18"
  • Pendant Diameter: 0.6cm


  • Pendant: 985 pure silver coated in 24-karat gold
  • Chain: Sterling silver coated in 18-karat gold