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AMAMI is a social enterprise on a mission to revive endangered jewelry traditions of the Philippines while empowering and providing sustainable livelihood for Filipino artisans

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Gender Inclusive Jewelry

Introducing our first gender-neutral collection: the Basilio.

A selection of 6 thoughtfully crafted pieces designed to be worn by anyone.

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Why choose AMAMI?

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Our talented Filipino artisans are masters in pre-colonial techniques in jewelry making. Many have spent years, decades and even their whole lives perfecting a meticulous craft that has been passed onto them by their forefathers. 

Livelihood Creation

We commit to providing dignified and sustainable livelihood for our plateros (silversmiths), some of whom are now able to invest in their homes and child's education. We believe artisans deserve to make a living while pursuing their craft.

Heritage Preservation

Very few artisans know how to make this art form today. Demand helps maintain and increase supply by enabling us to continue to co-create with artisans and motivate potential trainees to join in. Each purchase is a step towards the revival of a dying tradition. 

What's in a name?

(n.) Derived from Ama Namin, 'Our Father' in Filipino

Used as the largest paternoster bead of rosary-inspired necklaces typically worn by Filipinos in the past, the Amami is arguably the most stunning tambourine we've come across. Made using filigree and granulation techniques from a pre-Hispanic origin, each one is intricately adorned with hundreds of tiny globules.

Why are we here today?

The Problem

Unfortunately, today there are only a few remaining artisans left who know how and still create traditional handcrafted jewelry, as many of them have sought less meticulous practices, alternative sources of livelihood and even out-migration, believing that their craft cannot provide them with a source of income.

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What Customers Are Saying

The craftsmanship and the unique narrative of the pieces just sold me. Everything in stores now look the same--these designs are unique. I’m completely happy with my purchase. Will definitely not hesitate to purchase from them 10/10!!!

Abba M.

Their beautiful jewelry are works of art. They mix modern and traditional designs and take you back to the long forgotten time when painstakingly crafted artisanal goods were the norm and mass produced goods were non-existent. I am very happy with my purchase!

Celine D.

In times of quarantine, this pair of classic earrings from AMAMI makes me hopeful to see my own beauty again, at home

Chelsea D.

I am very nostalgic to see different authentic designs of AMAMI jewelry especially my Leona Creolla earrings. It's an heirloom which I could pass on to my daughter!

Rechel G.

These immediately became my favourite earrings! So beautiful, and you can tell it was made with love. I’ve received many compliments on them already, I’m proud to be wearing a piece of my heritage!

Raquel S.

I love even the way AMAMI takes care of delivery, packaging everything! I am soo excited to wear them and I am just controlling myself because I want to order again!

Divine D.

Effortless Sophistication


Ana Cocktail Ring, Amami Tambourine Rosary Bracelet, Mini Relikaryo Necklace

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Jach Manere

Amami Tambourine Dangle Earrings, Bracelet and Ring

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Bea Alonzo

Amami Tambourine Rosary Bracelet, Pearl Tambourine Bracelet and Relikaryo Earrings

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Filipino craftsmanship at its finest