Two Antique Payneta Combs
Golden Sampaguita Payneta On a Model
Gold Sampaguita Payneta Comb When Worn
Sampaguita Shell Payneta Antique Gold
Sampaguita Shell Payneta Antique Gold
Sampaguita Shell Payneta Antique Gold
Sampaguita Shell Payneta Antique Gold

Golden Sampaguita Antique Shell Payneta Comb

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 *One-of-a-kind: Only 1 per style available* 
Taking you on a trip down memory lane with our heirloom-quality Golden Sampaguita Shell Payneta 💛
A peineta, or payneta, is a traditional decorative comb often worn by Filipina women of affluence to complete the traje de mestiza, which was often called the Maria Clara dress, that was popularized in 19th century Philippines.
We acquired these antique combs made of tortoise shell that we found gathering dust and thought of upcycling to breathe new life into them. ♻️
In the past, combs that were made of tortoise shell such as these were common. The shell was boiled in water before pressed into a mold and carved later on. We don’t know anyone who makes them like this anymore. Today, commercially sold combs are made of synthetic materials such as acrylic and plastic - and for good reason too. 👌🏻
It is likely that the original ornaments of these combs were made of gold and were thus removed, melted and sold for cash or formed into other jewelry, while the remaining comb discarded. However, we think the combs are special in their own right and tell their own story - it would be a shame to let them go to waste. 
This unique hair comb is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also rich in stories and tradition. We’ve done the work of sorting, cleaning, polishing and redesigning.
Let’s give these beautiful remnants of our past a second life, shall we? ✨
How To Wear
  • Sweep the payneta along the side of your head, or tuck it into a loosely-pinned high or low bun for a romantic look. 
  • It’s the perfect accessory to complete your wedding day look with a Filipino touch. Enjoy wearing them for years to come and pass on as an heirloom.

Comb Dimensions 

  • J: 9.6x5.2cm
  • K: 8.3x4.7cm
  • O: 7.9x4.8cm
  • P: 9.8x5.3cm
  • Q: 7.5x4.5cm


  • Antique comb made of tortoise shell, upcycled 
  • Metal: Made of 985 pure silver coated in 24-karat gold 
  • Free of lead and nickel
  • Suitable for sensitive skin 
Note: Each one is one-of-a kind and no two pieces will look exactly the same. Slight imperfections are normal and add to each piece’s unique charm.
Designed by AMAMI

Customer Reviews

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Maria Maun
Beautiful Antique shell payneta

The antique shell Payneta comb is beautiful. The gold sampaguita intricately adorns this tortoise shell comb which is hard to come by. I truly treasure items connected to our culture’s past. Thank you Amami for restoring Filipino designed jewelry and accessories.