Beyond Wearable Art™

Every time you choose AMAMI, you not only contribute to reviving a dying Filipino jewelry tradition, but also to improving the lives of our partner artisans. 

From 0 pieces made, the last artisan on the verge of leaving the country and an age-old craft about to be forgotten -- we've come a long way. It's been a crazy journey so far, but one meaningful and always worthwhile.

Thank you for investing in our Filipino people, our culture and traditions, local industries and small enterprises. We are overwhelmed and incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support and trust. Let's continue to purchase with intention. This is just the beginning.


August 2020
A Note from Our Artisans

The Philippines is currently experiencing the longest lockdown in the world.

Yet, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate - to be able to work from the safety of our homes, to have advocates who allow us to keep creating art and provide livelihood. 

While the future is uncertain, thank you for giving us and this age-old tradition a fighting chance of survival. We wouldn't still be here today.

*The note in the photo has been translated

Artisan Feedback

Because of AMAMI we will send an indigent nephew to college! Tomorrow I will buy a cellphone so the child has something to use for his online classes. His father, my cousin, suffered a health condition last May. The child's tuition is free. Other needs like cellphone and load for internet access we will now take care of it, all these become possible because of you guys! THANK YOU!

*This message has been translated

Cynthia, August 28, 2020

Covid-19 Response

The bayanihan spirit lives on

As we helplessly watched our country come to a halt in April 2020, we knew we couldn't just sit still. We had to do something -- anything.

We got to work, deciding to ask for pledges, monetary contributions and donate 10% of our proceeds from each purchase.

Here we share the results of our month-long fundraiser last April for the benefit of Filipino medical frontliners and vulnerable groups such as our indigenous brothers and sisters, tricycle and jeepney drivers.

With the help of our advocates, including Filipinos from all over the world, we were also able to offer cash advances and secure livelihood for our partner artisans for at least 2 months.

Truly great things can happen when we all come together as a community. 🌼

Building Homes & Dreams

This roof has been a long time dream of the very first artisan we worked with.

For many years, this roof was left unfinished due to a lack of funds, thus exposing the family to the risk of electrocution whenever it would rain.

Since the day we met, we made it our mission to do what we could to help.

So after a year's worth of sweat and literal tears, you could just imagine how ecstatic we felt when one day we were told, “Gumanda na ‘yung bahay!” ("The house became nicer!")

Today we celebrate this milestone, a year in the making and perhaps our most meaningful one yet. 💛

A family affair
From one generation to the next

Ate Norma started learning the craft from her elders when she was only 12 years old - that's 47 YEARS ago!

After a long hiatus from the craft, today she joins our little AMAMI family taking on one of the hardest parts of the entire process, a kind of precision work only attained after years of practice.

Working from home, she is able to pass on her expertise to her daughter who is now slowly starting to learn the ropes of the trade too. ⚒

Notes from the Field

Capacity Building

We call our artisans our partners for a reason. We work and learn closely together, each one building on and bringing a unique set of strengths to the table.

Windows of Hope

For years, this section was merely sealed off with metal sheets. Now with proper windows installed, natural light can now brighten up an artisan's home.

A Sense of Pride

It's hard to imagine that before AMAMI was born, the uninterested youth saw this jewelry form as old fashioned. Today, you'll hear them say, "I made that!"

Impact Milestones

How you can support our work