Payneta Necklace Gold
Gold Payneta Necklace
Payneta Necklace Gold Philippines

Payneta Necklace

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Reimagining the traditional ornamental hair comb -- the payneta. A peineta, or payneta, is a traditional decorative comb often worn by Filipina women of affluence to complete the traje de mestiza (often called the Maria Clara dress) that was popularized in 19th century Philippines.

We hope to bring back the glamour of the past by finding new ways for you to #WearYourHeritage with pride. Our Payneta Necklace is classy, chic, and can be styled in so many ways. Tuck underneath a collared shirt to dress it up, layer with your existing necklace collection, or wear on its own to highlight its striking intricacy...the options are endless! We can't wait to see how you make the look your own!

Fun fact: The term 'payneta' is even mentioned in the lyrics of the popular Filipino folk song many of us grew up listening to - Paru-parong Bukid!


  • Chain Length: Adjustable from 16" to 18"
  • Pendant Height: 0.6cm
  • Pendant Width: 5.5cm


  • Pendant: 985 pure silver coated in 24-karat gold
  • Chain: Sterling silver coated in 18-karat gold